The 'Master Lever' or 'Straight Party Option' is a Rhode Island state law that requires the ballot to contain an option for voting for all candidates in one political party with a single mark of the ballot.Eliminating the Master Lever is an important change Rhode Island must take now. Only 15 states nationwide, and none in New England, use this vestige of 18th century political machines anymore.

With Your Help We Can End the Master Lever

Help Us ask Senate President Paiva-Weed to allow the Master Lever Bill to Come Out for a Vote

  1. Send an email to your elected officials, especially the two people who have the power to bring the legislation to eliminate the Master Lever out for a vote, Senate President Teresa Paiva-Weed and Senate Majority Leader Ruggerio. These two politicians, more than anyone else in RI, are responsible for our being denied a fair, honest, out-in-the-open vote on the issue.[View letter below]

  2. Please call the Senate President's office and Senator Majority Leader Ruggerio's office asking them to bring the Master Lever legislation out for an up or down vote. The Senate President's office can be reached at (401) 222-6655. Senator Ruggiero can be reached at (401) 222-3310.
  3. Easily send an email to your Senator asking them to push Senate Leadership to bring this badly reform out for a vote, by clicking here Email Senators.

Please join me in reminding our Senators how important ending the Master Lever is to Rhode Island’s future.

Thanks for helping!
- Ken Block